Animal Welfare | FP10

Policies and practices, by species and breed type, related to physical alterations and the use of anaesthetic

As a company, we are not involved in animal husbandry, nor do we slaughter any animals ourselves (regarding the supply chain, see 414-2). The dogs and cats that are kept by the Symrise subsidiary Diana are primarily used to conduct taste tests, while fish and shrimp in the Diana Aqua segment are used for product tests.

Our dogs and cats receive only treatment for care; no invasive measures are taken. In order to manage our animal population, dogs and cats are castrated or sterilized. The operation is carried out by a veterinarian in accordance with generally accepted practical recommendations regarding anesthesia and analgesic protocols. If one of the animals must undergo a surgical procedure, a painful examination or medical treatment, the attending veterinarian supplies the appropriate narcotic and analgesic treatment. Fish that are used at Diana Aqua for product testing are euthanized with anesthetics following the test procedure according to ethical guidelines.