Marketing and Labeling 2016 | 417-1

Requirements for product and service information and labeling

The labeling of our products is based on the requirements of the EU Regulation No. 1272/2008 on the classification, labeling and packaging of substances and mixtures (GHS Regulation). The labeling of all raw material inputs is systematically checked for compliance with Article 5 of the GHS Regulation. If necessary, additional clarifications are made directly with the supplier or in-house analyses, for example regarding the composition of raw materials, are conducted or their physical and chemical properties are determined analytically. Along with disclosures from the material safety data sheets provided by the raw material suppliers, due diligence regarding the labeling of raw materials is based primarily on Appendix VI of the GHS Regulation, published information from the REACH Regulation, information pursuant to Article 42 of the CLP Regulation and the label manual of the International Fragrance Association and the International Organization of the Flavor Industry.

The determination of labeling of product mixtures is based on the label disclosures of the raw materials and the quantified product-specific physical and chemical properties. The determination of labeling in turn is in accordance with the principles of the GHS Regulation pursuant to Article 6, particularly the provisions defined under Appendix I.

The preparation of safety data sheets and expanded safety data sheets reflects the classification and labeling of raw materials and products. The process of preparing the documents is in accordance with the principles of the REACH Regulations (No. 1907/2006), particularly the principles and provisions from Appendix II of the REACH Regulation.