Materials | 301-1

Materials used by weight or volume

We use approximately 10,000 natural and synthetic raw materials from over 100 countries to manufacture our products. Our products consist mainly of value-adding intermediate products, meaning aromatic compounds and active ingredients, as well as carriers such as ethanol.

We are purchasing an increasing amount of natural raw materials with certified origins. For instance, we established a progressive strategy for the sustainable sourcing of oils and derivatives from palm fruits in 2015. By mid-2016, we converted to exclusively using palm oil certified as 100 % RSPO “Mass Balance.” From then until the end of 2018, we worked with our strategic suppliers on implementing fully sustainable sourcing for our primary palm oil derivatives and switching to materials that are made from 100 % RSPO “Mass Balance”-certified palm oil. We have ourselves the same goal for the sourcing of secondary palm oil derivatives by the end of 2020.

Exact weight or volume disclosures on the materials we use are not published, as we consider this information confidential.