For years, Symrise has been investing worldwide in production sites and development centers, and in logistics, marketing and sales departments.

Eleven examples of openings, operational launches or plans from 2018 and 2019 show where the Group is care­fully, powerfully and sustainably increasing its own resources.

€ 10 million

  • WHENMarch 2018
  • WHEREElven / France
  • WHATProduction site for Diana Pet Food

Diana Pet Food is a worldwide leader when it comes to ingredients for pet food that make the food especially delicious and nutritious. The company has continued to build on this position by expanding production at its site in Elven, France. At the site, Diana Pet Foods develops and produces sensory and functional ingredients that can be delivered from France to numerous European markets.

€ 8 million

  • WHENMay 2018
  • WHEREShanghai / China
  • WHATDevelopment center for perfume compositions

China is one of the most important sales markets for Symrise. At its site in Shanghai, the company has opened a new creative center with an investment of € 8 million in which experienced perfumers annually develop nearly 9,000 different scents for the Chinese market. In addition to creation, the site offers the market researchers plenty of space to work. Moreover, the Group has set up application labs for customer proofs, test rooms for hair care and home care products and rooms for consumer tests.

€ 7 million

  • WHENJune 2018
  • WHERECervera / Spain
  • WHATProduction site for Diana Pet Food

The demand for pet food is growing in southern Europe, too. In order to serve these markets, Diana has built a new production site in Cervera, Spain. With an investment of € 7 million, the com­pany is massively expanding its production capacity in the region. The plant has been constructed according to the latest standards. The company is designing its energy supply to be sustain­able, avoiding waste and decreasing wastewater and emissions.

€ 20 million

  • WHENAugust 2018
  • WHERECharleston / USA
  • WHATProduction site for cosmetic ­ingredients

In Charleston, Symrise has manufactured products such as menthols and cosmetic ingredients for some time. Now, the company has begun operating an additional area of production focused on the processing of substances from renewable raw materials. These ingredients are currently trending and meet the demands of today’s customers and consumers. Hydrolite® 5 is a great example of this. The cosmetic ingredient is produced from a byproduct from sugarcane.

€ 10 million

  • WHENAugust 2018
  • WHEREHolzminden / Germany
  • WHATAroma Molecules: Production site for cooling substances

Substances that cool the skin are increasingly being used in products for personal care. Symrise has been taking a leading role in this rapidly expanding market for years, constantly adjusting its portfolio to meet market requirements and developing new, innovative products. To be able to produce the grow­ing volumes, the company is investing € 10 million in a new production site.

€ 10 million

  • WHENOctober 2018
  • WHEREBranchburg / USA
  • WHATSpray drying plant for flavors

In Branchburg, Symrise is building a new production site for flavors, investing € 10 million. This includes a spray drying plant that meets the latest technological standards. The production technology was developed in the company’s headquarters in Holzminden and has now been rolled out worldwide. After Asia and Latin America, flavors can now also be processed locally in the growing US market with the most recent generation of spray drying technology.

€ 50 million

  • WHENOctober 2018
  • WHEREBanks County / USA
  • WHATProduction, Diana Food

In Banks County in the US state of Georgia, Symrise has opened a plant for high-quality natural food ingredients. Costing € 50 million, the company’s site meets the highest standards for technology and sustainability. At the site, 50 employees produce products for the food ingredients application area in particular, but also for flavors and pet food. The site will continue to be expanded through 2020. By then, 100 employees are expected to work there. In the region, which is characterized by agriculture, Symrise will also continue to develop the backward integration of natural raw materials.

€ 30 million

  • WHENJanuary / Februar 2019
  • WHERECharleston / USA
  • WHATMenthols production

In South Carolina, Symrise is doubling its production capacity for menthols. The company is thereby further expanding its leading position for this product worldwide and ensuring reliable supply security at a consistently high quality. The outlook is good. Demand for high-quality menthol products, in particular for dental and personal care, has been growing constantly for years. Symrise has been producing the nature-identical L-menthols since 1974.

€ 15 million

  • WHENApril 2019
  • WHEREHolzminden / Germany
  • WHATProduction for fragrance compositions and encapsulation technology

Higher productivity, larger production volumes and more peace and quiet for the neighbors: The € 15 million investment in fragrance manufacturing in Holzminden is providing benefits on multiple levels. Symrise has expanded an existing production site with a new three-part building. This building houses facilities for encapsulation technology and mixing, for example of perfume oils for the home care and beauty care industry. At the same time, the company has improved and expanded its infrastructure in this area – making it more sustainable. Around 200,000 containers used to be transported by land in trucks, but these are now delivered via conveyor belts in a logistics tunnel. Since this produces a much lower level of noise, it is now possible to carry out three-shift operations even on the weekend. This significantly increases productivity.

€ 10 million

  • WHENFourth quarter of 2019
  • WHEREHolzminden / Germany
  • WHATLogistics center

Symrise is building a new logistics center at its headquarters in Holzminden. It will become operational in the fourth quarter of 2019. The company is building the transshipment center in a new industrial area right outside the city limits, which will significantly reduce truck traffic in the city center. One reason for the expansion is economic success. Demand is experiencing dynamic growth, which means that Symrise needs to transport more and more products. At the beginning of 2018, the Group set up an additional logistics area in the Port of Hamburg, which will be thoroughly connected with the new center in Holzminden. In addition to economic aspects, the focus is on sustainability, with truck emissions being significantly reduced through optimized logistics management.

€ 50 million

  • WHENDecember 2019
  • WHERENantong / China
  • WHATProduction of fragrances and flavors

Symrise has had a production site in Shanghai since 1982, in an industrial area at the edge of the city. Now, the Group is investing € 50 million in another, completely new site in Nantong, located one hour from the metropolis. The company is thereby expanding its capacity and significantly increasing production. The company’s entire know-how on technologies and processes is being pooled at the plant. This also includes sustainability measures such as its cutting-edge and environmentally friendly exhaust and waste-water treatment. The company is not giving up its existing site, either. Research and development for flavors and scents will remain there, as well as the offices for marketing and sales.